DECEMBER 06, 2023 | Macau

Brainstorm Design is a unique conference dedicated to exploring the increasingly crucial nexus between business and design. 

The creative is based on the title of 'BRAINSTORM DESIGN' for setting as key visual for the event design. The goal was to achieve clean movement that emphasises the lines, form, outline and weight of the letters. It's important not to be tied to established patterns of interaction with composition units and to seek a creative approach to fully revealing its potential of a single word.

Inspired with the theme of the event - Brainstorm Design explores the ways in which design and design thinking can contribute to challenges related to climate change and sustainability, diversity and inclusion, ethics  and more.​​​​​​

Client: Fortune
Event Design: Rio Tang
Typography: Rio Tang, Mario De Meyer
Animations: Mario De Meyer
Photography: Graham Uden​​​​​​​
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